Hi, my name is_MG_6868s Craig Dingle. I am a Melbourne sports photographer. Yes, that’s Melbourne, Australia – down here near the bottom of the world!

In May 2014, I found myself answering text messages from three different people at once – one wanting to know which lens to buy, one asking about camera settings, and one seeking website feedback. That day prompted me to start Beyond Here.

Beyond Here is a resource for people who want to turn their photography hobby into a career, or for the pro or semi pro photographer looking to take their business to a new level.

Why Beyond Here?

Sometimes when we start a journey we are not sure what the final destination will be. That was the case when I started my photography business in 2008. I didn’t know exactly where it was headed, but I was prepared to learn and to work hard.

It never crossed my mind that just a few years later I would be regularly photographing weddings. And a few years further on, to be primarily shooting action sports.

I am not certain what my photography business will look like ten years from now. I am prepared to work hard and keep learning – and that guarantees that it will look different to now. It will have changed. It will be Beyond Here.

Please email me with questions and suggestions for blog posts. You can reach me at craig@imagesbycraig.com.au


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